Top 5 Best Action Games for Android

Through this article, today we are here for you Android Top 5 Best Action Games for Android There are many action games on Android and many new games are launched every week, so in today’s post,

we have selected special ones for you. Action Games for Android For Android, there are many games available on Android at the time. The number of their installs is also in the millions, which is liked by the people very much, that’s why in today’s time whoever has an Android smartphone,

they have their own There is some new game in the phone, if you are also searching for Android’s top action games then you are in the right place, stay with us and we are going to tell you about Action Games.

Best Action Games for Android

We have selected the best action games for you and you do not have much trouble, we have made a table so that you will get information about all the fun in a few seconds.

And we are giving you the list of action games, all the games are free, you can easily install them from the play store and play them on your phone and tell you that you can install them for free, but these games have these features. There are app purchases from which you can buy tea or else you can enjoy these games for free too.

Garena Free Fire Max

Game Garena Free Fire Max
Released Sep 18, 2021
Paid/free Free
In-App Purchases Yes
Instal 100M+ (100,000,000+)
Rating 5/4.2star
Reviews 13.1m

There are many multiplayer games for Android, but only a few of them are very popular among the people, one of which is Garena Free Fire Max, which in today’s time comes first in the list of action games on Android. Fire is an online multiplayer game called a first-person shooter game.

This game was first released in 2017 and let us tell you that this game is made by Garena Company which is a Singapore-based company Garena Pubg. And like call of duty, it is also very popular among the people and this game has 100 million installs in the Burman time which is a very big number,

in this game you will get very great graphics as well as you can play in many maps in it and You will get a very good view and you get all the player’s real people in the game against whom you have to do battle royale, you will be in one measure with 100 players in a game with whom you have to battle so you can play this android action game. With this, you can install it for free

Call of Duty

Game Call of Duty Mobile
Released Sep 30, 2019
Paid/free Free
In-App Purchases Yes
Instal 100M+ (100,000,000+)
Rating 5/4.2star
Reviews 15.2M

Let me tell you in this list that the second best action game is Call Of Duty Mobile, which can also be called the best action game for Android, as you must have seen how great the action and graphics of Call of Duty are on pc or ps game. Many things have been custom-made to bring it to mobile,

but still, the game is very good and if you play it for the first time, you will not feel any different than any deduction has been made in it, so this game would not be wrong to say Android’s best action game, this game has more than 100 million installs on

Android and let us tell you that so far 15.2M reviews have been done by people, so you can guess that too with a rating of 4.2. In this game, you can play with multiplayer and you get to see many maps and modes like the game, you can do battle royale with 100 players.

War Robots Multiplayer Battles

Game War Robots Multiplayer Battles
Released Aug 26, 2015
Paid/free Free
In-App Purchases Yes
Instal 100M+ (100,000,000+)
Rating 5/4.1star
Reviews 4.59M

Our third action game on the list is War Robots which is a multiplayer game that is played online, in this game you can change and customize the robot by your part. This game is also released on Android and iOS. Along with J Game is also available on PC.

This game was first released in 2015. At present this game has more than 100 million installs for Android and it has a rating of 4.1 which is quite spectacular. In the game also you get to see many measurements, together you can take your robots against the other

with one player in the measure so that your robots of both the players will be face to face and you can fight and in its multiplayer, You can fight with many players online, this game has become very popular among people for some time, so you can see this game, you can install it for free to play.

Marvel Contest of Champions

Game Marvel Contest of Champions
Released Dec 10, 2014
Paid/free Free
In-App Purchases Yes
Instal 100M+ (100,000,000+)
Rating 5/4.2star
Reviews 3.2M

Marvel Contest of Champions is a multiplayer online battle arena published by Marvel Entertainment. The graphics of this game are very good so Marvel fans are very much like and let me tell you that the game has Marvel’s Universe.

It has been shown that if you are a fan of Marvel or you watch their movies, then you must play this game so that you will be able to know about many hidden things about Marvel. At present, this game has more than 100 million installs.

And the rating of this game is 4.2, this game is very popular all over the world, this game has been made with the intention that people who are players of MOBA games will like them a lot, you should see this game once if you are in MOBA are interested

Brawl Stars

Game Brawl Stars
Released Dec 12, 2018
Paid/free Free
In-App Purchases Yes
Instal 100M+ (100,000,000+)
Rating 5/4.3star
Reviews 22.3M

Brawl Stars is a multiplayer game that you can play in a very short time, this game has many modes using which you can play online games alone or with your friends, also in this game, you end the game very soon. In this game,

the player is given a lot of power which he can use inside the game and many gadgets are also given which can be updated with level up and make your player more powerful in this game. In this you will find many mysterious places, where you can battle with the player,

this game has been installed by more than 100 million people as well as the rating of this game is 4.3, so you can play by installing it from the play store for free.

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