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You will be surprised to know that there is a game that most people like to play, we are talking about GTA For Android Games  or GTA series, which many people like all over the world,

GTA Vice City is a very popular game in which You can enjoy a virtual world with a lot of action and adventure, this game has gained more popularity on pc and ps,

its series is very famous, let us tell you that GTA vice city has 5 games that are also released on android If done, today in this article we will tell you about GTA For Android Games

GTA Full Form – Grand Theft Auto

GTA For Android Games

Let us tell you that there are some GTA series games on the play store for Android devices that you can play, but all the games that are for Android are paid and you will have to pay money for them, to install them, we will give you the link below. With the name of the series of games that you can check

Number Games Price
1 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City ₹121 $1.49
2 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ₹182 $2.24
3 Grand Theft Auto III ₹121 $1.49
4 GTA: Liberty City Stories ₹182 $2.24
5 GTA: Chinatown Wars ₹121 $1.49

Vice City, which was the first GTA series game, was made for Android, when these games are made for Android, many customs have to be changed so that you do not see all that in the game.

A pc or ps player knows, which has high graphics experience but still there are a lot of fans of the GTA logo, and people like to play it, GTA vice city was the first game in which the open world was Known about all those android games which are of GTA series and also for android

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Released Dec 6, 2012
Size 1 GB
Paid/free Paid
In-App Purchases No
Install 1M+ (1,000,000+)
Rating 5/4.3star
Reviews 186K
Price ₹121 $1.49

Grand Theft Auto Vice City The first game in this series, which was made for Android, when this game was released for Android 10 years after it was released on PC, let us tell you that in this game you have a Gets a virtual open world so you can take your crater anywhere on the scale The game is set in the 1080s

In Vice City, you get to see a very big measure, in which you can go anywhere, you get many cars and bikes in this game and you have to complete many missions in the open world, from which point And get money from which you can custom the creator

You can go anywhere in the city mentioned in this game and enjoy it. Vice City has more than 1 million installs, you can play this game but you will have to pay some charge for it.

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Released Dec 19, 2013
Size 2 GB
Paid/free Paid
In-App Purchases No
Install 1M+ (1,000,000+)
Rating 5/3.6star
Reviews 759K
Price ₹182 $2.24

San Andreas was the second game that was made for Android. The story of this game begins 10 years after the vice city. The game is set in the 1990s. In this, you can see the full size of San Andreas city and you will get to see San Andreas.

Get a chance to play in Andreas and let us tell you that Rockstar Games says that you can play this game for 70 hours if you complete the mission. In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas you are told the story of Carl Johnson that you have to play.

It is also an open-world game and you will find a lot to see all over the city, luxury cars bikes beaches yurts and much more than you can play You can install it from the store but you will have to pay some charge for this too.

Grand Theft Auto III

Game Grand Theft Auto III
Released Dec 14, 2011
Size 1 GB
Paid/free Paid
In-App Purchases No
Install 1M+ (1,000,000+)
Rating 5/4.0star
Reviews 111K
Price ₹121 $1.49

Grand Theft Auto III In this game you get to see the story of Liberty City, it is also an open-world virtual game from which you can explore, Rockstar did many heals in this game like you can cast of characters in the game He can walk and see the city in freedom in the whole city.

In this game, you are given missions with full-action adventures that you can play, in many, you will find vehicles, ports, bikes, cars and many more. Many different features were added in this game which was not in the last two games. To play you have to pay on the play store, after that, you can install it

Your HD quality resolution is seen in Grand Theft Auto, you can customize your controls and you can also enjoy Haptic Vibration in it. The game supports the language of various Parkar such as English, and French, The game can be played in all these languages: Italian, German, Spanish & Japanese

GTA: Liberty City Stories

Game GTA: Liberty City Stories
Released Feb 11, 2016
Size 2 GB
Paid/free Paid
In-App Purchases No
Install 100K+ (100,000+)
Rating 5/3.2star
Reviews 25.3K
Price ₹182 $2.24

Liberty City Stories has been shown again in this android game of GTA game, this game offers you game action and adventure on East Coast in this game like other games it is also open-world gameplay as you want I can go anywhere and do anything. This game is shown a little further than the stories of Grand Theft Auto III, which has many more missions.

In GTA: Liberty City Stories, you get to see extensive graphics, which is quite spectacular, like other games, you also have many missions in it, along with cars, vehicles, beach lights, and high graphics, you also get something to play this game. Charges have to be paid after which you can install and play Liberty City Stories

This is a 4 android GTA game offered by rockstar, more than 1 lakh people are playing this game of GTA, and in this game you get to see the lighting and shadows of the creator which makes the game really to see.

GTA: Chinatown Wars

Game GTA: Chinatown Wars
Released Dec 17, 2014
Size 883 MB
Paid/free Paid
In-App Purchases No
Install 100K+ (100,000+)
Rating 5/3.1star
Reviews 32.3K
Price ₹121 $1.49

The game of GTA’s Chinatown Wars game is set in 2009, in which you are shown the story starting from 2009, this is also another GTA UNIVERS game, this game was released after GTA 4 and you can play this game on Android But you can also play it with GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto IV)  can’t say that it is not a part of it Chinatown Wars is a different part of GTA

Through this game, you get to know about many hidden secrets of GTA. In the GTA series, you get to see three types of universes, which are “2D Universe” “3D Universe” and “HD Universe” and among them GTA: Chinatown Wars belongs to HD Universe, this game is made in HD, and you can play its graphics in HD

GTA For Android For Android, you can install GTA: Chinatown Wars from the play store, for this you have to pay paid money, after which you can play this game, if you are a fan of the GTA series, then you try it once, and you will find many new secrets. Will be able to know about the GTA universe

Gta 5 Apk for Android – Gta 5 Android

Game Gta 5 Apk for Android – Gta 5 Android
Released No Information Available
Size No Information Available
Paid/free No Information Available
In-App Purchases No Information Available
Install No Information Available
Rating No Information Available
Reviews No Information Available
Price No Information Available

Let us tell you that there was 4 game Liberty City Stories of GTA series for android, after that GTA 5 should have come but after that, for android, we got to give GTA 5 from rockstar for GTA: Chinatown Wars which for android was like GTA 5 but Chinatown wars is a different game that was not GTA 5

Let us tell you that GTA 5 Apk for Android is probably not for Android yet, its graphics and size of this game are very big, due to which it difficult to be made for Android at present, to play GTA 5 on a computer, you need to be around 75 GB of space will be needed, you can guess by this how big the game is

If GTA 5 is made for Android, then it will have to size very little, so that from the graphics of the game to cut off many things, you will not be able to get the game like it is available on pc or ps, in today’s time Gta 5 Very difficult for GTA 5  Apk for Android

But as the processor and graphics of the smartphone are getting high, it may be possible for GTA 5 to come on it but for now, there is no information about it and compressing such a big game the result is not good. Maybe in the coming time, we will get to see GTA 5 on mobile but at present, there is no information about it, and GTA 5 is not yet made for android

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