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If you are very fond of games, then you must have heard the name of the Prince of Persia game at some point in time, you must have played it, it is a great game, and this game has been made for Android for more than 10 years. And many versions of it have also come for Android,

so in this article, we will tell you about Prince of Persia Android games which you must play Prince of Persia is a classic game which is a great animation game in which you have Action-adventure and puzzle levels are seen, this game was made long ago in windows and ps and its next part is still a long time to come, no update has come yet,

when will the next part be released Prince Off Persia is a very popular game among the people and people used to play it with great enthusiasm even before and even today its craze is very much among the people, especially in android games,

it has 4 versions in android games which are very much liked by the people. And in this article also we are talking about the same Prince of Persia Jayant. I will tell you which you must play once. Prince is the best animation game from above, let’s know about Prince of Persia Android Games.

Prince of Persia Android Game

We have selected special 4 Prince of Persia games for you, a table of them is given below you can install them directly

Prince of Persia is compatible with most smartphones, you can play it on any Android smartphone, for thus you do not need any more RAM and ROM, this game has been developed for Android in a very small size, which You can play easily in Android device, its minimum requirement is only Android 2.2,

its size is reduced as well as there is no cut in it, in this you get to see the best animation, there are different types of labels which you can use. Solve through puzzles and know a lot of adventure and action inside the labels. The game has a great storyline that you must overcome with dangerous levels.

At each level, you face new dangers. Along with those dangers, you are also given different thrilling actions and power to face the increasing dangers at each level, let’s know friends about all the games of Prince of Persia which is for Android. is created

Prince of Persia Classic

Prince of Persia Classic was the first game made for Android, it came with great animation and its storyline was very much liked by the people. And this is also the first game for android, after this other Arjun was made for android and you can play this game easily on any android smartphone,

no big requirement is needed for the story of this game The line is full of adventure in which you get to see action-adventure with puzzles in each level. In the storyline of this game, you have to try to take the power of your kingdom which you have to fight with an insidious magician Jafar.

You have to play in the princess room and you have to go through the underground of a long castle dungeon where the magician has laid out many labels and with every step you get to see a new danger You get what you have to solve, after which you can go to the next level.

Prince of Persia Classic comes with great graphics of smart animation in Android If you are looking for a puzzle action adventure game then you must play Prince of Persia Classic first and this is the first game from Prince of Persia which is launched in Android. was released

Prince of Persia Shadow&flame

Prince of Persia is the second game after Shadow Flame Classic that continues the story with one of its best storylines. In this game, you get to see the story of the Prince of Persia classic epic. In this story, you get the sequel.

In this game, time travel is done by a Prince In the game you are shown the story of a prince who can travel through time and also wants to change his future with time In this game you have to see a great time journey Along with action adventure and with every level you get to see the puzzle prince has to change his future for which he goes to his past and in this game,

you will get the front end of the story and to know it you have to play the game whether the prince can change his future or not, for this, you have to play the game till the end and become a hero yourself, you will play the role of the prince in this game according to the story of the game you have to save the princess in which you will have to choose different types of Conspiracies

will have to be faced from where your journey begins It seems that in this game you get to see 3D graphics and also get to see the best sound quality Prince of Persia Shadow and Flame is a good and popular game, you must try it, it will not disappoint you

Prince of Persia: Escape

Prince of Persia Escape is the next game based on Prince of Persia in which you get to see a different type of adventure in this game you can run fast you can bleed you have to avoid spikes and in every level, you get new adventure You will also get the enemy,

you will have to face it and your idea will have to leave him behind, as well as breaking you have to face many dangers, in the level you get to see puzzles, where you do not get much time to think, in this you have to Limited time,

is given in which you have to pass the level and race your brain fast while passing the level you can reach the end of the game and complete your mission Prince of Persia is one of the best fantasy epics The key is the game, so far it has been made in the games, you can play it compatibility in any smart device.

Prince of Persia: Escape 2

I get to see you the sequel of Prince of Persia Escape If you have played the previous game then you might like it a bit, in this sequel you have to face a lot of new challenges and many different labels have been added to it You get a chance to do a puzzle adventure while doing stunts while avoiding your words.

Prince of Persia is one of the best games, this is a running game in which you are not given much time to think, you have to level up quickly. You have to cross and race your brain fast so that you can solve the crop in the level and move on in your adventure.

The game is full of challenges and the prince has to complete these challenges to solve the puzzle. Watch it carefully and give it time and complete the game by completing the puzzle of the game

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