Top 3 Best App Lockers for Android

Welcome to our one and through this article, we will give you information about the Top 3 Best App Lockers for Android. At present, App Locker is used by many people, as well as you can do many of your files and apps. Keeps apps safe Whenever any of your phones goes into unknown hands,

if the files and apps in your phone are locked by an app then it can’t access those files easily so many people use them And it proves to be very effective, if you are also looking for the best people who guarantee you security, then friends, in today’s article,

we have brought for you three such people who can guarantee you security. Along with this, they also provide a lot of facilities, such as through these apps you can access your fingerprint and passport through your fingerprint and you can keep any apps file safe, so let’s know about these apps.

Best App Lockers for Android

To save you time, we have created a table in which the name and install link of all three apps are given on which you can click and install the app on your phone in one click.

To overcome this problem in many Android devices in which the app lock is not present, many app lock key applications have been created by the developer on the Play Store so that the devices which have to lock the app can also be installed easily. They can also be provided security,

these apps have to give you some permission, after which they start working on your mobile, through which you can lock different types of applications which you can use through your fingerprint in a passcode pattern.

and there are many people in which you can also save your media file which will not appear in your device gallery later in the media file you can keep your video audio photos all types of files only You will not see them until you enter any password for them as well as

no one can access them without your password so many people use these apps so that if their phone is in someone else’s hand If they go, they cannot make any wrong use of it and their personal No one can see the files, so friends know about these three app lockers

AppLock – Lock apps & Pin lock

App Locker NameAppLock – Lock apps & Pin lock
ReleasedOct 12, 2016
In-App PurchasesYes
Install100M+ (100,000,000+)
AppLock – Lock apps & Pin lock Detail

The first app on this list is our App Locks, this app is very much liked by people and many people are also using it and it is the most installed app, you get many advanced features in this app. Through which you can lock all types of files and applications present in your phone, there are different types of people teachers,

from which you are provided with a lot of security, in which you are given a separate wallet in which you can take photos of your gallery. Along with this, you can take a backup of them at any time, along with this, if you want to put a lock on any social media app or on any other you can easily put it through it and you can get people through pattern Pincode passcode.

You can open it and set it up, it is very easy to run it, you just have to install it on your phone and there are some settings that you have to set by looking at it, after which you can lock your phone’s personal files and applications. Through this app,

you can also save your browsing history on which you can set a privacy guard. You can make it more personal by singing, so far more than 100 million people have installed it, so you can guess how it has become more popular among people.

AppLock – Fingerprint

App Locker NameAppLock – Fingerprint
ReleasedNov 24, 2010
In-App PurchasesYes
Install50M+ (50,000,000+)
AppLock – Fingerprint Detail

As you know from the name itself, different types of features have been given in this app by which you can lock your files and applications, as well as you can open them through fingerprint pattern password pin code and in this app Many advanced features have also been given by using which you can apply more privacy, it is very popular among FB people,

this app has more than 50 million installs so far, so you can get an idea that how much more people have. It is popular, through this you can apply for protection on the installed application on the phone, as well as you can open the app through your face lock, in which media files can be hidden from the gallery and can also be hidden from your file manager. Along with this,

you can store them separately in this app and put privacy on them, one of the special things about this privacy guard is that if someone wants to uninstall such an app, then he will not be able to do it unless you put it in it. It doesn’t allow access to files until you enter your password and it won’t be used for other years either.

This can be done, so friends, the privacy of this is very good, if you are looking for someone, then use it once and see, you can install this app in very less MB as well as in the app you will get more than 30 Supports more languages

Norton App Lock

App Locker NameNorton App Lock
ReleasedMar 22, 2016
In-App PurchasesYes
Install5M+ (5000,000+)
Norton App Lock Detail

If you are a smartphone user, then you must have seen the Norton application at some point in time, and you must have seen its aids Norton Norton is a very famous company which is known for privacy and there is an app of this company which is called App Locker. It is known and it is very safe which is told by the company,

so friends, you can get an idea of ​​​​how much space the Norton application is safe,  in this app also you can get many advanced features which are your privacy guard. By using also you can do a lot like media files message social media apps have done other way you can use privacy guard on them and

put a pattern pin code password on them so that no one can access it With Norton you can save your privacy and your documents and no one will be able to access your documents and media files quickly if you have installed app lock in it and through this app,

you can also lock in those apps In which this feature is not present so that you can lock them. So you can use this app and lock even those apps in which people’s feature is not present and increase your security

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