Top 3 Best Battle Royale Games For Android

Hello and welcome to us, in this article Top 3 Best Battle Royale Games For Android, today through this article, we will tell you about those 3 Battle Royale games which people are very fond of for a long time, tell you that for some time now.

Many Battle Royale Games have come for Android and people are liking these games very much. At present, there are 3 such games which are most liked. If you are looking for a good game for Battle Royale Game, then we will help you. About the 3 Main Battle Royale Game

Best Battle Royale Game For Android

Below is a table to save your time, in which you have been told about Battle Royale Games, with the help of this table you can see and install the games as soon as possible.

Ever since the Battle Royale Games games have come on mobile, the game time of the people has increased a lot and in the present time more people keep some game in their phone, out of which Battle Royale Games is very popular today, friends tell you.

Given that you get to see very good graphics inside these games and you can play these games online with your friends and yourself. The reason for the popularity of these games is that you get to see many modes inside Royale Games.

Most of the games that people like a lot, because of not having more modes in most games, are farmed for a very short time, whereas you get many options in Battle Royale Games so you have been associated with these games for a long time.


In-App PurchasesYes
Instal500M+ (500,000,000+)

PUBG Mobile is not the first thing to come to Android in Battle Royale games, but after the arrival of this game, there was an earthquake in the field of Battle Royale, this game had all that was not in the earlier Android Battle Royale games and This game was very much liked by the people from Ek Parker This game was a revolution in the battle royale field for Android

PUBGmobile is an online multiplayer game in which you can play with your friends or alone the most prominent feature of this game is that you get to see many modes in it and in this game you get a chance to play on many maps. Let me tell you that the graphics of this game is excellent and you can play the graphics till hdr.

In the game, you can play matches of 10 minutes to matches of 40 to 50 minutes, you will get a lot of action inside this game, you play with 100 players online at once, who are discarded through a plane in one measure. All those players fight amongst themselves, who in the last one player gets left, they are the winner of the game, you can play this game pretty much anywhere and J game is online, for this you need internet.

This game has more than 500 million installs and people do this game a lot, if you are a lover of Battle Royale games then you must play pubg mobile once.


Battlegrounds Mobile India – BGMI

GameBattlegrounds Mobile India
Released2 July 2021
In-App PurchasesYes
Instal50M+ (50,000,000+)

BGMI which is an Indian version of pubg mobile which has been made for special Indian people, let us tell you that in this game you get everything like PUBG mobile, in which you have done some healing in BGMI from a parker but more There are things like PUBG mobile that you can play,

after the creation of PUBG mobile in India, the company released the game in India with a new name, which someone named BGMI and many people started liking it because The game was a copy of PUBG mobile from a parker,

in which some changes have been made to bgmi, you can install bgmi apk from the official website and also give its BGMI OBB File to the official website.

BGMI Full Form – Battlegrounds Mobile India

Call of Duty Mobile  – COD

GameCall of Duty Mobile
ReleasedSep 30, 2019
In-App PurchasesYes
Instal100M+ (100,000,000+)

Another game on our list whose name is Call of Duty Mobile friends, you must have heard its name or must have seen an advertisement for this game. Call of Duty is a very popular game, this game before coming to Android PC (windows)  and play stations.

Was on PS and people like this game very much, this game has a lot of action so that everyone likes if you like action games then you must try this game

In the COD Battle Royale game, you get to see many modes, so that you can play with your friends continuously online, as well as you can play alone with other players, in this game you get to see a lot of maps and you can enjoy the action in different places and talk about the graphics of this game,

it is very great when you play this game for the first time, you can like its graphics very much if you like action and battle royale. Is

Call of Duty Mobile has more than 100 million installs, and this game gets a very good response from the players, if you are looking for an action and adventure game, then you can play Call of Duty Mobile.

COD Full Form – Call of Duty

Garena Free Fire MAX

GameGarena Free Fire Max
ReleasedSep 18, 2021
In-App PurchasesYes
Instal100M+ (100,000,000+)

We are the last game in this list, whose name is Garena Free Fire MAX so that most people know by the name of Free Fire, the game is also present on popular os, this game has gained a lot of popularity in a very short time. In time this game has a huge user base that many players play this game during the day.

Free Fire has become very popular in the Battle Royale game and lets me tell you that in this game also you get to see a lot of modes that you can play together, you can make a team which will be of 4 people and you can play them. You can play online together, in this game you get to see maps of different parks.

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The game’s design and graphics are good so that the players like it a lot, you can choose your character in this game and modify it according to your wish, you can play with 50 players online in Garena Free Fire MAX together or You can also play alone, this game has more than 100 million installs.

This game can also be played with 2 GB ram if you have a low-end device then you can play this game

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