Top 5 Best Android Games under 1 GB

As mobile devices and processors are developing, the gaming industry is progressing a lot, one by one best game have been made for all the operating systems in the present time and also for Android as well. In today’s time, there are the best games with high graphics, in this article,

we will tell you about the Top 5 Best Android Games under 1 GB so that you can experience the games on your smartphone on a different level. There are games whose size is more than 1GB, in the coming few articles, we will tell you about some of the best games up to 2 3 4 GB,

in which you will get to see a different experience, in this article we will tell you about the games with 1GB size I will tell whose experience will take your gameplay to a different level, so friends know about their AIIMS which you must try once which are only within 1GB.

Android Games under 1 GB

Top five best android games under 1GB of different types of games that we have made a table below from where you can find their name directly and you can install directly from the play store

In today’s time, there are more than millions of games on the play store and it is very difficult to find some of them, so with the help of this block, we will tell you about those games which are under 1GB, rest of you those games. To be able to experience a different level of gaming, Android devices are becoming very advanced today time,

in which you can play most of all types easily but in most the problems, you have to play that game. Can’t find the ones you want to play There are millions of games available for Android, it is not possible to say which one to play, that’s why we bring a list in each category in which you are told about

all types of games in which high There is the graphic and good storyline in which you can play action adventure from OpenWorld friends know about those five games which will give you a different level of experience which is android games under 1GB

Gangstar New Orleans

As friends you know all gangster games are in scooter world in which you can do anything and come anywhere you want, one of them is gangster new orleans which is 1GB is a great game in this game you Many vehicles are seen, together you will do all kinds of activities in it and let us tell you that in this you get to see action adventure with a good story line,

all types of bikes with luxury cars and a good story line and action adventure Plenty are present in this game if you are looking for a gangster game then gangster new can be the raw option for you which you will get in less than 1GB size for your device this is a great game you can play it both online and offline Can play side by side this game is very much liked by the people and

it is very popular on play store right now in case of gangster this is the second game which is very much liked by the people according to the story line of the screen you You have to protect yourself and your knowledge and you have to There is a type of business through which you can buy other types of vehicles in the game and you are also given many reports from which you

can use in the game to buy the same for yourself as well as you can customize the trucks as you like. You can also customize other vehicles, you can colour your favourite but you can apply it as you want, and you can do it with your own imagination.

Life is Strange

Story-based games are very great in which you get to choose your own character and can develop your story yourself and you can move your story as you like, in this, your story picture reads fast and current as you progress in the story And as you keep putting your character in the story,

you will get to see the adventure at different turns and due to the adventure, your future is affected by the present, which changes your every type of activity and you get an action-adventure story This is a great game, in this, you will get to see the best graphics and images storyline,

if you like any storyline game in which you get to see a different experience then you can play Life Stranger, this game will not disappoint you and on Android, you just Will get within 1GB

GT Racing 2: real car game

GT Racing is a great French eye, in which you get to see very straightforward, everyone you get to see a different level of graphics, along with you get to see a fun adventure as well as tell your friends inside this game You get to see more than 10 tracks on which you can press and you get to see all

different types of luxury brand cars in this game GT Racing 2 is a great game for racing skill base 1400 events in the game see you There are different types of cars in this game that you can modify as per your wish and take them on the racing track.

If you are looking for an under 1GB racing game for your device then GT Racing 21 might be the best game for you you can download it for free from the play store it is the best game with a great amount of which you will get a lot of Cars will be seen which you can enjoy inside the game

Shadowgun Legends: Online FPS

Shadowgun Legend is a different galaxy-based game in which you get to see a multiplayer option as well as you can play it with your friends With the storyline of this game you have to fight with aliens in another galaxy where you get to see different types of weapons, inside them,

you get to experience a different universe, so their graphics are excellent. And you get to see a lot of mods in it, which becomes a big deal inside a 1GB game for Android. Inside the game, you are shown a science fiction world, here you have to battery with aliens and yourself. Also,

how do you keep your team safe and fight with those aliens This is all a target in this game and you are also given different types of missions, on completing which you are given different weapons. Then Shadowgun Legend can be the best game for you that you can get for Android in just under 1 GB.

The Walking Dead: Season One

If you play the game, then you must have heard about The Wall King Dead series, which is a good serial in the game, a game from the same series is The Working Dead Season One, which is a team for Android, which you can also use in your smartphone. In this game, you get to see a good storyline, along with you have to face many zombies. Which you get to see full of action-adventure.

The game has a good combination of graphics and images and you also get to see many characters. This is a survival game in which you have to save yourself from zombies and survive till the last. And let us tell you that this is a story send game with a zombie game in which you can choose your character as per your wish and you take the decision in the game itself what you will have to do next,

the same BSP, your story keeps on moving forward. The game will be based on the decision itself and what happens next will depend on you. In the game, you get to see different types of events as well as you can meet other people in the game.

The game has a great storyline that you can choose yourself while playing and you move forward if you have any Survive All Zombies game. If you like the story then you can go with The Walking Dead: Season One Jai for Android 1GB you will get it on the play store which you can install from there

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