Top 5 Best Android Games under 2 GB

Hello and welcome to our new article, in this series article, we give you information about different types of big-size games, so in this article today we will tell you the Top 5 Best Android Games Under 2 GB Android Game Size This is happening more and more the games are getting better as well as the good storyline is seen in them,

good graphics are seen and you can control the customer as you wish, control your character and open The world gets to see, in view of all this, we have brought many types of articles for you, Jai I tell you about the big games of different sizes, which are very great to play,

in the present time there are various for Android There are types of games whose graphics are very great, whose build system has been designed in a very great way and in today’s article we will tell you but whose graphics you will get to see OpenWorld, then friends stay with us. Android games are going to tell you Under 2GB

Android Games under 2 GB

We have prepared a list of under 2GB games for you, which is shown in the form of a table below, from where you can directly install it directly from its source link, if you want to know more about them, then visit our website below. can see the article

Number Game Name
1 Asphalt 9: Legends
2 Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime
3 Call of Duty Mobile
4 Into the Dead 2
5 ARK: Survival Evolved
Top 5 Best Android Games under 2 GB

Over time, in today’s time for Android, we have been playing with so many great graphics, which probably could not have been imagined 2 to 3 years ago. Along with this, online gaming has become very popular, in which multiplayer games are becoming very popular, as well as at present, battle royale games for Android are very popular, and you can play online on your own.

Can play with friends and let us tell you that in today’s time there are many games which are present on the play store under 2GB which you can easily install and play on your device if your device is compatible to play those games At present, most of the devices are compatible to run all types of games because all the new smartphones that are coming in today’s time are all advanced in which you get to see new processors,

so friends if you are also looking for such games. This is why the big sizes in which you get are different If you get to see the experience, then you can see this list, now let’s know about Android games under 2GB.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Whenever it comes to racing games for android, the name of the asphalt game comes first because asphalt is the number one game for android and lovers of racing games like to play asphalt more than its graphic, in this you get more than the limit.

Cars are seen, let us tell you that in this you get to see all kinds of luxury cars in its racing track in every city Asphalt is a very famous name in the world of racing and its game is trending at number one in Android Asphalt 8. Like you can also play offline in which you get to see all kinds of luxury vehicles, there is the next version of Asphalt 9 Legends which you can play only online,

in this you get to see different types of events along with new cars add key In which you get to see cars of all types of brands. Also, you get a chance to choose the track of your choice and you can race in any city you want, its graphics can play with the compatibility of your device If you are a lover of racing games then you must play Asphalt 9 Best Game For Android Under 2GB

Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime

If you are crazy about gangster games then you must have heard about the GTA series and also want to play from you so that you can play on PlayStation Xbox and windows but send some games of the GTA series are also for android but in them, The country is not all that is found in another operating system,

they have been launched by very customizing in Android, but friends, if you are looking for a game that is like GTA, then let us tell you that Gangster Vegas is a game in Android. Gangster’s a great game and this game is also number one in Android in the case of gangsters, in this game you get to see everything that you get to see in the GTA series,

in the game you get a Vegascity map in which you The game has to be played. This game is an open-world game that is introduced in the crime world. There are many missions in the game. There is no cut in the game. In seven games, you will get different types of weapons and vehicles.

It is seen that in the game you get everything that is in a gangster game. It is a must have different types of missions which you have to complete and save yourself this is the best game of crime world on android so friends this is the best game in gangster under 2GB for android if you have tried it If not done yet then try once

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty game needs a very famous friend, if you are fond of the game, then you must have heard its name at some point in time, let us tell you that there is a version of Call of Duty for Android which is called Call of Duty Mobile, this is a battle. Royale is a game that you can play online, you can go multiplayer and play with your friends Call of Duty Mobile is a great game,

its graphic is very great, if you are looking for a battle royale game, then definitely try it once Do this is a great game, in this game you get to see different types of modes, at least more than 30 and many maps are seen, in the game you are landed in a map through a plane, here you can see 100 people. You are surrounded by battle with everyone, as much as you have,

the map is a completely open world, where you can go anywhere, as well as many maps, see cities, small houses are seen, forests are seen, and houses are seen. In this you have to find weapons to protect yourself and battle, using which you protect yourself till the last. Call of Duty Mobile is the best game to come under 2GB for Android

Into the Dead 2

If you like any action-adventure games partner, you are looking for a zombie game that has a horror story which is quite great, for this you can try Into the Dead 2 in the dead a zombie game whose story is country When Zombie’s Apocalypse is everywhere, where you have to protect yourself and protect your family,

its story is amazing, in this you get to see more than 60 labels Zombie Into The Dead for Android Within 2GB The game is a great game, you must play it, in this you get to see a different level of action-adventure, in this you get to see all kinds of weapons, in the game you have to protect yourself and your family’s story of the game. Accordingly, you have to keep crossing each level,

as you go through the labels, you keep getting more troubles and with the problems you keep updating your labels, keep customizing yourself and more than ever Keep improving the game, you get to see different types of houses And a jungle is seen and the graphics are superb which looks like a ghostly type and at every turn, you get to see a different action-adventure

ARK: Survival Evolved

AR K is a survival action-adventure game, in this game you get to see the storyline of a very old time. According to the game, in this, you get more than 60 species of dinosaurs and different types of wild species and species found in the sea are also found In which you have to protect yourself and to protect yourself,

you also have to keep doing your own customer, that is, preparing food for yourself, making arrangements for living, preparing your own house, in the game you will face new challenges at every turn. You will have to face any animal anywhere in the plains in the river in the jungle you will have to face and protect yourself and have to find food for yourself if you are looking for an

action-adventure survival game then you must ARK The game must run once within 2GB on Android Wali Hai is a great game, its graphic is very great, you will get to see animals of such species in this game, which you may have never seen before if you want to get a different level of experience and want to see new animals If you are and want to see the species of dinosaur, then definitely try this game once.

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