Top 5 Best Android Games under 3 GB

Hello, welcome to us, in this article we will tell you, Top 5 Best Android Games under 3 GB, even before this, we have told you about many games which are under 2GB and under 1GB, which you can see, and continue the series.

Keeping that in today’s series we will tell you about Under 3GB games which come with the best graphics and an amazing storyline for Android With the development of Android, the Android operating system and apps and games have also evolved a lot. Android has become much more advanced than before,

and today you get to see the game in Full HD HDR, the size of the game is getting bigger and better, friends know that under 3GB of android games

Android Games under 3 GB

We have selected development games which are under 3GB in which you get to see all that you get to see very rarely in any other way, in this you will get to see great graphics action-adventure multiplayer offline online games by us below A table has been created in which you can directly check or install these games

At present, the gaming industry is doing a lot and due to a lot of users of Android, the business of games in Android is doing very well, every day you get to see many new games in Android. Available in millions of K, which comes in its best graphics and all types of categories,

in today’s time you will find all kinds of games in Android, Android is making itself advance through its significant upgrading, in the same way, many games in it If the answer is no, then in this camp, we are going to tell you about under 3GB Android games, friends, let’s know about these games.

Apex Legends Mobile

He has been in the trend of battle royale games, since when many games of Windows and PlayStation were developed in Android, one of them is Apex Legend Mobile, which is a great game of window, which has excellent graphics and is presented in a different style Let us tell you that you are a mobile agent is a multiplayer shooting game that you can play with your friends or alone or online game,

in which you get to see the map where you are dropped in the map through an aeroplane and you have to play the map. I have to battle with people, in the game you get to see many advanced weapons, along with you are given a chance to choose your character, the game is very great, if you have information about PUBG and call of duty mobile then You will also be able to play this game easily,

it is also a game like them, which you can easily run in your mobile device, some mobile devices do not have much game compatible, for this you have to check your mobile for which you can use z CPU app If you are looking for a battle royale game then you can take Apex Jund can try mobile or android games under 1GB is a great game to come

World of Kings

If you are looking for a game that is under 3GB for Android and in which you can get to see a lot of action-adventure, then you can try World of Kings, this is a great game, in this game, you will get a different world There is a view that you can explore as well as you can roam the whole map with your tractor where you get to see different types of kingdoms, as well as animals,

get to see the jungle and you have to protect your kingdom you have to do as well as expand it in which you have to fight the dragon cell and you have to face many labels in the game you are given a lot of power and you have the chance to create your team so that you can make your own To expand the kingdom, here you get to see a lot of action adventures on different labels.

The King Ban Bane Hai The storyline of the game is very good and its graphics are also very good. The map in the game has been made very big so that you can come anywhere you want, so friends if you are looking for an action-adventure storyline game So you must try once this best game under 3GB for Android.

Game of Thrones Beyond

If you watch or listen to web series, then you must know about Game of Thrones. We have another game based on the series called Game of Thrones Beyond, in which you get to see great graphics as well as now explore different states and live them by making a policy of your own,

you can play this game as a single-player. And you can play with multiplayer, the game is very good and its storyline is very great, in different areas you get to see many clans, you get to see different kingdoms in the game you get to see great action adventures which You play as per your wish and how well you win it with your policies, it is based on you, how strong you can strengthen your character,

the game goes on for a long time with a good storyline in which you get to see a lot. If you like to play any storyline action adventure game then you will go for it. You can play M of Thrones by installing it on your device, you get the size of the game within 3GB, for this, you will need a very good device compatibility

Tales of Wind

Tales of Sand with the best graphics is a great game that you can easily install and play on android and enjoy I see you anime with great clients this game you play with multiplayer and single player There is a storyline on the kingdom of the game, in which you have to defeat the shadow and rekindle the light,

that is, the victory of good over evil. The storyline is very spectacular, in which you get to see different types of species together You get to see an action-adventure on every level, the game has used the best graphics, as well as with this game you are given a very big map

where you can come anywhere like an open world where But everywhere you have to face different dangers Tales of Wind is a great game for Android coming under 3GB and the game is the first game on this list or even on the anime in which you get to see many amazing animations. see you

The last Island of Survival

Comes with full action adventure The Last is the land of survival This is a survival game in which you have to protect yourself and love your weapon you can play with a single player, and in the game, you get to see a huge map where you get to see many different types of animals. You will be surprised inside the game,

this game is great, in this, you get to see very good graphics, inside the game, you can customize your character according to you, and as you level up, you can give many vehicles. Survival is the name of the game, in this game you have to make everything by yourself, whether it is food, whether it is your tax, and you have to make your weapons to defend yourself.

With the point-in and river system, you are given the best survival techniques, by which you can survive till the last. According to the game’s tagline, you have to stay alive till the last. and have to survive yourself if you want any good game which is survival base then you can try last this land of survival this android game under 3GB is great

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