Today the market share of Android smartphones is more than 70%. Android is very popular all over the world. At present, you can see the Android operating system in most smartphones, you know some interesting facts about it.

Most people think that Android was created by Google but it is not so. Android was created by Andy Rubin in 2003.

At the time when Google acquired Android in 2005 for around $ 50 million, only 8 people were developing Android, later its team was increased.

Android was never made for smartphones, friends, you will be surprised to know that Android was made only for digital cameras but later it became so famous in Android smartphones that

Later it was made only for smartphones and at present, you can also see it on Smart TV and Android can also be seen on Smart Watch in today.

The first smartwatch in Android came in 2010, from this you can guess that earlier Android was being made for some other work but later it became popular for smartphones.

Do you know what is the importance of android people who use android devices android means robot looking like a human

Android has been squared by Google, but still, this operating system is open source, meaning that any change in this operating system can be done by the customers according to them and can use it.