the Pubg Game Became Very Popular Among People in a Very Short Time and People Are Crazy About Playing It

Know About Some Exciting Facts About Pubg That You Hardly Know

1. Do You Know Why Pubg Was Named Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, the Creator of This Game, Brendan Greene, Was Very Fond of Playing Games

and They Used to Keep Your Name Playerunknown in the Game, That's Why They Named the Pubg Like This

2. Pubg Has Made Many Records in Terms of Playing Online Games and Has Also Broken a Record of Its Own

3. The Erangel measurement in the pub game is awesome and it was named after the daughter of the game's creator, Brendan, the name is Erin Angel

4. The idea of ​​making a pubg game was taken from a Japanese movie battle royale, in this movie some people are left in the wild for survival.

5. Pubg Holds the Record for the Most Games Played at the Same Time Which Is 1.34 Million Players