What is Android?

You do not need to know that today everyone has a phone and every house has a smartphone and more and more people have an Android phone. Today Android is very popular all over the world and in the present time,

the Android Platform has become very useful and important too, probably there are many of you who know what is Android and many do not know so in this article. We will tell you What is Android? And will give information about the history of Android, in today’s time, two operating systems are used in smartphones, which are Android and ios,

in which the market for Android is very big and Android is an open source os while ios are open source. No, that’s why only Apple uses it in the phone, apart from this two os, there are other operating systems but their market share is very less, below you have been given the list of os, in which you have been told how much market share of which os Is

Number NameOperating System Market Share
Mobile Operating System Market Share Worldwide

What is Android?

For information, let us tell you that Android is neither an application nor a smartphone of any kind, but Android is an operating system based on the Linux kernel.

If you tell about it in easy language, then Android is a modified version of Linux, which is custom-made for smartphones Linux itself is an operating system that is used for computers and Android is also a version of Linux.

The purpose of making Android can be done in mobile, such as applications and functions can be run easily and the special feature of this os is that it was made to see only from the point of view of mobile and see today It can also be known that it is a popular OS,

whatever smartphone you have, they know all that work because of that operating system like massage, camera, call, videos, games, apps, all this work is done by Android. Know with the help of a smartphone

There have been many versions of Android to date, which are always being updated and their names are as follows and on which date they were released, you have been told through a table below

NumberNameVersion numberRelease Date
1Android 1.01.0September 23, 2008
2Android 1.11.1February 9, 2009
3Android Cupcake1.5April 27, 2009
4Android Donut1.6September 15, 2009
5Android Eclair2.0
October 27, 2009
December 3, 2009
January 11, 2010
6Android Froyo2.2 – 2.2.3May 20, 2010
7Android Gingerbread2.3 – 2.3.2
2.3.3 – 2.3.7
February 9, 2011
December 6, 2010
8Android Honeycomb3.0
3.2 – 3.2.6
February 22, 2011
May 10, 2011
July 15, 2011
9Android Ice Cream Sandwich4.0 – 4.0.2
4.0.3 – 4.0.4
October 18, 2011
December 16, 2011
10Android Jelly Bean4.1 – 4.1.2
4.2 – 4.2.2
4.3 – 4.3.1
July 9, 2012
November 13, 2012
July 24, 2013
11Android KitKat4.4 – 4.4.4
4.4W – 4.4W.2
October 31, 2013
June 25, 2014
12Android Lollipop5.0 – 5.0.2
5.1 – 5.1.1
November 4, 2014
March 2, 2015
13Android Marshmallow6.0 – 6.0.1October 2, 2015
14Android Nougat7.0
7.1 – 7.1.2
August 2019
October 2019
15Android Oreo8.0
August 21, 2017
December 5, 2017
16Android Pie9August 6, 2018
17Android 1010September 3, 2019
18Android 1111September 8, 2020
19Android 1212October 4, 2021
20Android 1313August 15, 2022
Android version history

History of Android

was created by Andrew E. Rubin, he started this program in 2003, after which Google bought it in 2005, after which Rubin was made the head of Android Development,

Google was behind the purchase of Android Inc. His motive was that he had seen a big market in this is so that it could be seen from a future point of view, due to which it was bought by Google and later Google made Android with the help of Issi,

which was their It proved to be very good and is popular all over the world today, the first version of Android was released by Google on 23 September 2008 and let us tell you that Andy Rubin left the project in 2013 and he started working on another project. After which its Android went down a lot,

but after that Sundar Pichai took care of Android’s run, after which he also got the Chrome browser built.

What is an operating system?

os which is called Operating System Operating System is a program that allows other small programs to run inside itself, with the help of os you are working on your computer or phone, through this os you can access other apps and run games,

and the operating system acts as an intermediary between the user and the computer and hardware, the os completes the instruction given by you and brings you the output,

without os any computer is of no use because os Through this, you are working on the computer or you can see the address from whatever is in it, so it is necessary for the os to compute.

Android open source?

Android has been kept open source by Google so that anyone can modify Android and use it for their mobiles and tablets and can be used on their device, the same thing as Apple’s ios os completely.

is closed which no one can use and that means no company or any tampering can be done, only apple can use its os for its device whereas it is not like this in android it is an open source Which can be easily accessed, so you get to see more Android phones in the market,

tell you that in Apple’s ios you get to see many restrictions, whereas in Android it is not like this, you can choose any one of your own. You can also install the app

android 11 name – Red Velvet Cake

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