Google Workspace Will Now Get 1TB Storage Instead of 15GB

Google upgrades its products from time to time and makes them better and at the same time the consumer experience is improved and good offers are also made by Google for the consumers.

Today Google has brought a gift for its users and you will be very happy to know about this gift if you use Google Workspace then or there will be a great gift for you from Google which will give you a great gift for your business and individual work.

will help a lot Keeping in mind its users by Google, this gift will be given to all those who are already associated with Google Space and those who are new users as well as those who are old users by upgrading their accounts and updating them to the new account.

will go With which he could use 15GB of cloud storage earlier, but now he can use up to 1TB of cloud storage, so friends stay with us, know about this offer of Google Workspace

What is Google Workspace

Before 2020, Google had G-suite in which you used to do business work, Google released Google Workspace on October 6, 2020, an upgraded version of the same workspace, through this workspace you can maintain your business sitting at home.

It can be used by any person, whether he is the owner of a business or an individual person, Google launched Google Workspace to solve business problems, and through this, you can do your office work online. Together you can do all types of business meetings online, in a way,

Google Workspace is like a personal office in which you can do all your business and individual work which are necessary for a business.

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Google Workspace provided storage information

In Google Workspace, you now have 15GB of cloud storage space, and 1TB of cloud storage will be provided, now anyone who creates a new account in Google Workspace will get 1TB of storage instead of 15GB Together and told by Google that people who already have old accounts will also be upgraded to new

accounts and they will also be given the facility of 1TB cloud space If you are associated with Google Workspace and you use it a lot, then this will be a good opportunity for you because for this you will not even need to pay any money, Google will give you a TV cloud storage for free, here you can choose your individual can work

Google Workspace 15GB to 1TB of Storage

Some time ago, Google informed about the storage upgrade through one of its blogs, in which it was told by Google Workspace that it is planning to bring a lot of features for the individual user. And to improve their experience, they keep bringing new features from time to time,

keeping this in mind, they are providing a storage upgrade facility so that users using Google Workspace can enjoy more features. Let Google Workspace work as an online business suite As you can access any device from any place and work on it, for this you do not even need to go to the office,

at present work from home is going on very much and keeping this in mind, perhaps by Google or being given a gift That now the new user will be given 1TB of storage instead of 15GB, not the benefit of Google finish storage of grade feature and old users will be able to take both, for this you will not need to create a new account separately.

How to Update Storage in Google Workspace

Let us tell you that information has been given by Google Workspace that you do not need to do anything to update the storage, if you are not a user of Google Workspace, then this facility will not be given to you. If you are already a user of the company, then you do not need to do anything,

Google will automatically increase your storage to update the storage. You must have a company plan for Google Workspace which starts from ₹ 125 per month Those who do not have a company plan will not get a chance to avail of this facility

Google Workspace will have a multi-send mode

Pate Google informed in their blog that they are going to launch multicenter mode soon which is a good feature for businesses and individuals. Through which you can send emails to multiple people at the same time,

earlier you had to take a separate facility or subscription to send emails to multiple people but now in Mughal Workspace, you have to see it inbuilt. Through this, you can send mail to all your workers or people working together and Google will soon add this feature to Google Workspace

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